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Craig Edwards

Brand Advisor & Director
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BEAM’S complimentary review of your website will assess design, user experience, traffic, search ability and site conversion of your site to check its performance and potential for your business. Includes two 30 minute discussions, recommendations and a report to help your website have a competitive advantage via a better presentation, user experience and technology.


Value $750 (instead we ask you donate $50 to BEAM’s charity organisation - 300 Blankets - helping Melbourne's homeless with blankets and other resources).

6 Key Benefits of a Website Review & Report

Website Audit Score

How does your website score? We assess your website's performance to see if its built for awareness and lead capture — with our proven measurement system; BEAM Intel. Also includes a report & score.

Web Booster Tips

Website performance is paramount for any business. We provide effective ways you can easily propel your website’s performance for greater online presence & search-ability.

Key Message Evaluation

We evaluate your key messages to ensure your website captures your customer's attention and communicates how you solve their problems. We'll also suggest great offers as 'calls-to-action' for lead gen. 

Content Review

Content is king for driving awareness and engagement. We check if your website's content is properly leveraged to both attract leads & educate your prospects about your products and services. 

Lead Capture Opportunities 

We make sure your site has effective 'calls to action' to capture your next lead. We'll also discuss the next steps to turn leads into customers and/or direct sales.

Certified Hubspot Specialist

SEO Evaluation

Being found in GOOGLE is gold. And SEO is how to be in the game! We'll help by assessing your website to make sure you can be found by your prospects/customers.

Website Performance Check-Up

I thought I knew the numbers for how my online store quite well. After receiving the free digital report from BEAM Creative, 
I realised I was missing some important information.  The report was easy to follow and informative and 
has been helpful in making ongoing decision about marketing. One simple 5 minute change to the website design 
that was identiļ¬ed through the report increased my conversion rate instantly.
Helle - Founder of Lucaslovescars.com

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