Craig Edwards

Brand Advisor & Director
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Hi, I'm Craig Edwards. We help brands daily and are happy to offer an initial review to unfold;

• Finding purpose for your brand - the Why!

• Getting clarity to differentiate and market your brand better

• Identify quick-win strategies for better performance

• New marketing strategies to help you grow your business

In return for our time, we'd love you to offer a donation to one of our favourite charities - either 300 Blankets and Aspergers Vic.

1 hour Brand Strategy Review

Your Who

We review who your brand is & where it sits within your competitive market.
As well as what it needs to do market effectively. 

Key Messages

We look at your current messaging to ensure you're clearly communicating your key points of difference.  

Your Why

We assess your brand’s purpose and values to help define clear differentiation for branding and marketing. 

Its Appeal

We assess your brand's appeal and suggest ways to make your brand more attractive and engaging. 

Its Awareness

We discuss ways to target your customers using the right marketing mix and channels.  

Certified Hubspot Specialist

Its Talk-ability

We’ll recommend ways to attract & engage your customers and get them talking about your brand!


BEAM Creative will review your brand and/or business to unveil how you can optimise your brand for better presentation, differentiation and appeal - to maximise its success and sales.  

BEAM's complimentary review will provide professional, objective and fresh perspectives on your brand's identity and its marketing strategies - to help provide better insights and strategies to market your brand or business more effectively.

How we review your brand...

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