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Craig Edwards

Brand Advisor & Director
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Get our better insights for your brand to:

• Find a purpose for your brand

• Get better clarity & differentiation

• Identify strategies for better awareness and audience engagement

• Build ideas your brand story & personality

• Strategies to make it take off...

The Who

We review who your brand is & where it sits within your competitive market. As well as what it needs to compete effectively. 

It's Key Messages

We look at your current messaging to ensure you're clearly communicating your key points of difference.  

The Why

We assess your brand’s purpose and values to help define clear differentiation for branding and marketing. 

Its Appeal

We assess your brand's appeal and suggest ways to make your brand more attractive and engaging. 

Its Awareness

We discuss ways to target your customers using the right marketing mix and channels.  

Certified Hubspot Specialist

Its Talk-ability

We’ll recommend ways to attract & engage your customers and get them talking about your brand!

Unravel your brand for greater clarity and purpose

Is your next product about to go to market and not sure if it will work?

Is your existing brand looking old and tired?

Is not resonating to your customers or even staff?

Does it not reflect or represent who or what it is today?

Is it confused in the marketplace?


What it will improve...

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